• Option 3

      £150 Up to 15 people to share.

    • Pan con Tomate x4 (V)

      Toasted bread with fresh tomato

    • Jamon Serrano x2

      Serrano cured ham

    • Queso Manchego x2 (V)

      Creamy Manchego cheese

    • Chorizo al Vino x3

      Spanish Chorizo in red wine

    • Calamares x3

      Crispy squid, served with alioli sauce

    • Ceviche de Pescado x2

      Spicy white fish Ceviche cooked in lime juice

    • Albondigas en Salsa x2

      Meatballs in a rich tomato sauce

    • Gambas al Ajillo x2

      Prawns fried with garlic in olive oil

    • Option 3 continued...

    • Frijoles con Cerdo x2

      Red Kidney Bean and Pork broth

    • Patatas Bravas x3 (V) ( spicy )

      Crispy potato cubes in a tomato sauce

    • Arroz con Chorizo x2

      Rice and Chorizo

    • Ensalada Fria x2

      Cold potato salad, with vegetable & meat

    • Mejillones en Salsa x2

      Mussels in a fresh salsa sauce

    • Lomo de Ternera Saltado x2

      Beef loin pan fried with vegetables